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My most recent art, drawings and other things :meow:!



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Tying out this widget for the first time. If any of you want to give me any points as a gift, then I would really appreciate it :D!

I'm not asking or begging for points, just giving a simple way of gifting me points.

Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive over the years!! You make my time here so fun and awesome!!:la: :D

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If you were wondering why I have been offline for hours, its because I was making progress on some very difficult and time consuming Shovel Knight achievements.

LOTS of deaths, exiting to main menu, making copies of save files, trying to get the RNG to work with me etc.

I have been sort of trying to get different achievements I never got when I last played, since the awesome new free DLC "Specter of Torment" is coming out (hopefully) soon in Spring.

Imagine only having 6-8 hours left to save the world, from a giant, near unstoppable, life shattering force.

You have made so many friends, matured a lot, gotten so much stronger, and endured so much.
......And yet it will all be meaningless, if you and your true companions fail to save the world.

Everyone else has either become depressed, overcome with fear and panic, or is stubbornly holding onto hope that you all won't fail.

The entire world will be destroyed forever if you fail, and the clock is constantly ticking down with every passing second.....
Does anyone think that Disney has way too much power, when it comes to buying other companies?

You would be really surprised by how much Mr Mouse actually owns, and how they keep gaining more and more.
Who remembers watching Ben 10 and being a big fan of it? Its so awesome and is one of my favorite TV series.
Haven't watched it in AGES though, and didn't really watch the 4th installment.
Also I'm not watching the reboot at all. Its just going to horribly mutate my childhood for laughs, like Teen Titans Go did.

Some questions for fans:

-What was your favorite things about the show?
What was your favourite show out of the 4?
-What was your favorite aliens and why?

-If you could only start off with ten aliens on your Omnitrix, who would they be and why?
-How would you use your Omnitrix?
-Would you try and keep it a secrect from your friends and family?
-How would you react to them finding out?
Out of my 112 watchers, how many of you actually read what I post? The comments and favorites from individuals are usually very low.^^;
You know all Aura's Mew form, Luke the Mew, right?
Shiny(light blue) Mew who wears a blue scarf to cover his Mew necklace.

Due to extreme(and justified) fear and paranoia, he is VERY protective of his Mew form and Mew family secret.

He will try his best at all costs to keep it a secret from everyone, including his best friends.
He has become extremely emotional in past RPs when some friends found out.

He really doesn't want anyone thinking of him as a freak, or taking advantage of his Mew powers.
He REALLY doesn't like hiding such a HUGE part of his life from his friends......But he just cant bring himself to tell them.....

Because of this and his very kind hearted nature, Aura falls under the "Willfully Weak" trope.

He actively restrains himself from using his Mew powers on "wild"/ dungeon pokemon, and especially on bandits and other outlaws.

His ENTIRE LIFE would be ruined if ANYONE started spreading the truth about him to others.
Do you know HOW POWERFUL the most incompetent outlaw becomes, when they have a FREAKING MEW full under their command!?

The ONLY TIME you will see him transform in front of pokemon who don't know, is when there is SERIOUSLY NO BETTER ALTERNATIVES/ THINGS DESPERATELY REQUIRE IT to SAVE LIVES!

You KNOW you seriously BUCKED UP when Aura transforms and gives you a death glare! ITS OVER! PRAY that none of your limbs get CRIPPLED from the power of his attacks!

In his Mew form, if he REALLY wanted to, then he could unleash powerful attacks, like Aura Storm, with ease.
One visual

In other words, ONLY if things reach the "Godzilla Threshold", will he reveal his Mew powers to pokemon not in the know.…

I hope you enjoyed learning that informatio, and having it cross referenced with TV Tropes. XD
  • Reading: TV Tropes(Usually. XD)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I am a person who really loves video games, roleplaying, watching interesting Youtube video's, and pokemon related things! I have recently started trying to do drawings to improve my skills and pass the time.

My favourite pokemon is Lucario/Riolu, Mew, Quilava, Togekiss etc.

I hope you enjoy my art and if you do then please leave a comment and, maybe, watch me to get notified whenever I post a new journal/story or picture!

All Watches are extremely appreciated:)!

Mew Stamp by Ittichy Eevee Stamp by Ittichy Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye PMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky by Acro-Sethya
RP stamp by demyx100 Clean Roleplay stamp by Mike-the-cat RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen I am an EXPERIENCED Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune RPStamp Roleplay Fantasy by PharaohQueen I Support Objections Stamp by yuliya Team Wright stamp by MeiRenee Justice is served well stamp by chuedy Phoenix Wright stamp by Makt91
Undertale OST Stamp by egraut MERCY (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner AA- Justice Stamp by Officer-1BDI

MY FAVE SHIP!!!: Aura X Mio Ship Stamp by thecreativeaura


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DA isn't the best place XD
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Very cute!^^ 
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Mio: Thanks :). Trouble has always had a way of finding me.

At least I can't say my life is boring and uneventful.
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