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.........."I'm so sorry............I never stopped being sorry...........Even after all these years...............I never stopped regretting................What happened......................Sometimes............I have nightmares.............Where I'm back there again..................Completely helpless..............All alone without help............... 
...........I wouldn't blame you if you never forgave me..................I certainly haven't...............I don't think I ever will...........
.................So why don't you hate me?"
:iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 3 12
An Aura Guardian's Memories of childhood.
Snow, snow, and more snow. Glistening pure white, all around me. Like a winter wonderland, the snow went on and on, seemingly endlessly. I was so used to this sight by now, after all these years growing up here.
To anyone else, the snow would be extremely cold and maybe even kind of painful to step in. For my village and I though, the snow wasn't really a problem. We have grown used to the numbing, freezing cold, and had learn to adapt to it.
Our fur has grown to adapt to the cold climate, and are feet are more resistant to the freezing cold snow, that covers everywhere as far the eye can see, in a blanket of white. Despite this, the cold could still bother us, and when a blizzard kicks ups, we need to find shelter and someway to warm up.
If the weather is bad outside, then we aren't allowed to go out. Even when we are allowed outside, we can only go play around the town and the very close outskirts of the town. All the adults don't want us endangering ourselves, even though a good num
:iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 3 12
My Kirby OC/ Kirbysona/ Puffball-sona! Archie! X3 by thecreativeaura My Kirby OC/ Kirbysona/ Puffball-sona! Archie! X3 :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 6 45
A cheerful story told by lovable Lucario Aura.
(NOTE: This story will be dark and emotional. If you are feeling sad, or aren't in a good mood, then maybe don't read it.)
It was a lovely day outside. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was a nice blue, and the air was fresh and refreshing.
I really love sunny days like this. Everything seems so bright, cheerful, and full of life!:) (Smile)
The flowers are blooming, some flying pokemon occasionally fly overhead, and everyone seems to be happy.:) (Smile)
I decided to change into my Mew form and take off to the skies, flying through the sky at high speed.
I love flying around as a Mew! Its so fun, awesome, stress reliving, and makes me feel so free and happy!
There's nothing quite like being able to effortlessly fly at extreme speeds, from one place to another.
I suddenly stopped once I remembered that I was supposed to turn myself invisible. What a HUGE mistake!!
I cant let anyone see me like this!! It wou
:iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 5 55
Dusky the Umbron! :3 (Gift) by thecreativeaura Dusky the Umbron! :3 (Gift) :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 6 12 Huge random fight (Skyrim.) by thecreativeaura Huge random fight (Skyrim.) :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 1 24 Hi everyone! :3 by thecreativeaura Hi everyone! :3 :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 7 23 Mio the cute Eevee and her house! X3 by thecreativeaura Mio the cute Eevee and her house! X3 :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 9 14 EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA OVERWORLD SPRITES!!! :D by thecreativeaura EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA OVERWORLD SPRITES!!! :D :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 6 7 EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA DIALOGUE SPRITES!!! :D by thecreativeaura EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA DIALOGUE SPRITES!!! :D :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 5 7 EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA BATTLE SPRITE!!! :D by thecreativeaura EXTREMELY AWESOME AURORA BATTLE SPRITE!!! :D :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 10 59 Aura the Riolu! :3 by thecreativeaura Aura the Riolu! :3 :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 8 34
Aurora's tales from the Underground: Intro.
Journals / Literature Features

Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. 
Many years later......A young Goat Monster by the name of Aurora has recently turned 18. This monster has a kind soul and great dreams to help others out and succeed in starting his own special little business.
These are his tales of his daily life, from his home, the Underground.
:iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 3 5
Aurora's tales from the Underground: Herbs. Part 1
(Listen to this music for the atmosphere, for the most part:)
*Aurora is walking around and exploring the waterfall area of the underground. He's looking for some herb and plants to sell at his newly opened shop, with any new herbs/plants being an awesome find. Its really quiet and peaceful, with the rushing water and waterfalls, and the bright glowing flora and stones add a nice glow to the place and atmosphere.
He is by himself with a bag around him to put any herbs he finds into it, and maybe some other cool things if he finds them. He's dressed in his usual clothes, with his scarf moving whenever he travels from place to place.
He also has a small book and pen with him, filled with information on the different herbs he found so far. After looking around for a bit he finds some of the herbs he was looking for.*
"Finally find some!" 
he said with a smile as he bent over and picked up the herbs and put them into his bag. He wrote down the ones he found and the
:iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 3 9
Mature content
*........True Magic Power!!* (Genocide run, goat.) :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 5 53
Awesome Aurora Picture!!! by thecreativeaura Awesome Aurora Picture!!! :iconthecreativeaura:thecreativeaura 9 42
My most recent art, drawings and other things :meow:!


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Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive over the years!! You make my time here so fun and awesome!!:la: :D

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Quick reminder that Aura has an emotion sensing power, that is constantly in effect  Aura's emotion sensing power: Full of emotions.Do you all remember Aura's emotion sensing power? You know, the power that almost never gets used in a RP and is very subtle if you don't know about it^^;? In case you don't, its a power that allows him to sense the emotions of anyone with emotions (SHOCKER, right XD!?). He can sense the different intensity's of the emotions, from barley unnoticeable to EXTREMELY powerful and intense.
Unlike his other powers, he never needs to activate it, since its on 24/7. This means that Aura is always able to sense the emotions of others around him, and focus in more on them if he wants.
He is specially in tune with the force of aura in a special way, which allows him to sense others emotions from fluctuations and changes in their aura's, changes that are usually too small or subtle for others to notice.
He has had this power from a young age and was shocked at first when he was suddenly sensing the emotions of EVERYONE nearby, and had no idea what to make off it. He ran home in a panic
.(Contains visual references for his power in action.)
He can also focus in on someone in particular, so he can try and pinpoint the exact emotions and fluctuations they are feeling, including when they are speaking.

Someone's emotions would subtly change during a conversation or when remembering something from their past.
Sometimes its small and subtle, and other times, the emotional change is far more obvious to him.

If he's sensing too many emotions at once, or is sensing extremely prominent or powerful emotions, then he might become uncomfortable or light-headed.
Worst case scenario, he ends up fainting. 
What do you think of the idea of picking an OC or character from something, and having them face off against each other in some kind of battlefield/ area, in a group RP? Play by post style, like on a forum.
What do you think of this song?

What comes to mind when you hear it?
I'M SO HAPPY with this gift!! X3
Gift for Thecreativeaura by SesshaXIIIIt's SO AWESOME AND AMAZING!! It's a great depiction of my three main sonas all together!!:la:
My reaction to the New Metroid games that were announced:
You know about that super powerful form of his? The one that will probably have him declared OP and too strong for his own good?
Well apart from the previously established horrible aura burns all over his body, this new idea could make things more balanced, interesting.....and depressing as buck 

It's not a "natural" power that just anyone can use. It's not even an ability or move.
It's Pure, raw emotion and willpower, reaching a huge fever peak, in a desperate time of need
It's something no-one ever knew Aura could do, not even himself

When he or someone else is nearing death, being captured by awful enemies, or is otherwise put under EXTREME emotional and physical stress
Aura let's loose ALL his emotions and willpower in one HUGE burst, causing his aura to surround him completely in a fiery tornado
It's much larger than him, and actually burns you if you touch it

The tornado then bursts out in a large attack, revealing Aura, who now looks significantly different
He has a large burning aura around him, that causes any contact with him to hurt the attacker.
His eyes eyes are pure blue, with aura radiating out of them
His spikes are now covered by larger aura spikes, that hurt a lot and can cut others badly.
His physical and special powers get a huge boost
And he can take a lot more abuse than he should be able to, especially in his seriously overtaxed current state
Their's the whole "Aura burns all over his body" when the power ends, which also hurt a lot in reaction to his own aura.

There is one HUGE, horrible downside to using this form.........
Like some other heros and protagonists, the INSANE boost in power, comes at the cost of something else.........
Something VERY vital........

The insane power boost, and overwhelming emotions of every kind, cause him to abandon logic and mercy
You know how when you're overwhelmed with anger, and can't think straight?
It's like that, but times 100X
Broken bones and serious injuries would be a guarantee to his enemies
Heck, worst case scenario, he might actually KILL someone or two!! With the amount of power he would be using with no regard for safety, it wouldn't be that hard to believe.
He might even lash out at his friends if they try to restrain him, which would hurt them a lot.

Considering the amount of suffering and truma Aura went through, It could be seen as the release of all the negative emotions that were inside, and venting against the world. Plus he's CONSTANTLY exposed to the emotions of everyone nearby, which is bound to wear down yourself emotionally and sanity wise, since it NEVER ENDS. You're NEVER by yourself, the emotions NEVER GO AWAY!

And of course, Aura would feel SO AWFUL AND FRIGHTENED, by what HE ended up doing. He's such a kind soul who hates the idea of crippling or killing anyone, so finding out that he (worst worst case scerniro) painted the walls and floors with the enemies blood is SLIGHTLY traumatic. Just SLIGHTLY though. 
Further adding to his issues and woobieness, which could be part of the reason why he can't really control it in the first place.
That COULD contribute to the nightmares he has that cause him to wake up in terror, which COULD affect how bad the next Overdrive is, which could perpetuate an endless cycle of suffering for him.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I am a person who really loves video games, roleplaying, watching interesting Youtube video's, and pokemon related things! I have recently started trying to do drawings to improve my skills and pass the time.

My favourite pokemon is Lucario/Riolu, Mew, Quilava, Togekiss etc.

I hope you enjoy my art and if you do then please leave a comment and, maybe, watch me to get notified whenever I post a new journal/story or picture!

All Watches are extremely appreciated:)!

Mew Stamp by Ittichy Eevee Stamp by Ittichy Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye PMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky by Acro-Sethya
:thumb271089694: Clean Roleplay stamp by Mike-the-cat RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen I am an EXPERIENCED Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune RPStamp Roleplay Fantasy by PharaohQueen I Support Objections Stamp by yuliya Team Wright stamp by MeiRenee Justice is served well stamp by chuedy Phoenix Wright stamp by Makt91
Undertale OST Stamp by egraut MERCY (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner AA- Justice Stamp by Officer-1BDI

MY FAVE SHIP!!!: Aura X Mio Ship Stamp by thecreativeaura


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